Physical, emotional and spiritual well-being

At the Diva Hotel you can find a place of discovery, an antitid to urban life, an oasis of peace, where you can find your balance.

At our Salt Room it is possible to book various services, from intimate sound healing sessions to ZeroBody dry flotation. Discover all our services and weekly appointments.

Sala Relax Diva Hotel

sound therapy

Sound massage with Tibetan bells, gong and ocean drum, helps to energize and harmonize your bioenergetic system. Sound is a form of vibratory energy that affects the body, mind and spirit.
With sound therapy we mean the application of specific sound-vibrational frequencies in order to create a state of harmony and well-being in the different energy systems of the person and to rebalance the physical body.
Vibration has always been associated with the creation of matter and life force. From St. John to Einstein’s discoveries it now seems clear that everything is energy and this energy is vibration.
Our body, in its most natural and relaxed state, vibrates at a fundamental frequency ranging from 7.8 to 8 cycles per second (Hertz), which is the same fundamental frequency of vibration of the Earth, the so-called Schumann resonance. For this reason our organism and the Earth are in vibrational attunement and this attunement is even more evident at the level of the nervous system when the meditative state of serene alertness is reached.
Today science is rediscovering all this, to the extent that sound, singing and all that is vibration trigger a healing process.


wake up yoga

Every Wednesday at 7.30 an appointment on the terrace on the 7th floor for an awakening of the unique senses. An hour of yoga with an eye to the most beautiful panorama of Lignano. There is no better way to start the day.

ZeroBody by Starpool

The practice of floating is internationally recognized as one of the most effective anti-stress antidotes, which is why relaxation with the only ZEROBODY bed is guaranteed, this experience catapulted into another dimension and frees you from any external stimulus.

Zerobody combines the extraordinary physical and mental benefits of weightlessness with extreme speed and ease of use: the body remains suspended on 400 liters of hot water, thanks to an innovative patented membrane; you do not get wet, you do not undress, but simply surrender to the feeling of absolute calm.

It is suitable for everyone, without age restrictions or contraindications, even in the case of short time, or physical discomfort, psychological hesitation such as aquaphobia or claustrophobia. It will be like being in the open sea, but a sea at a constant temperature of 36/37 degrees.

Suspended in the warm embrace of water, the central nervous system is freed from any external stimulus and the brain can express all its extraordinary potential, while the body relaxes and regenerates. This is also because the water is at the same temperature as your body, which allows our body to suspend the thermoregulation process and relax deeply.

Dry buoyancy induces a cognitive state in which the mind is free, calm, focused and prepared for faster learning.

You probably won’t notice the effects immediately, but you will surely realize the next morning that you have never slept so well before.